5 of the each vitamin that you should know about 


A Vitamin is essential for life sustenance and if the source is more natural it is more the merrier. We should sit back a little and clear our minds to think about what vitamins are and which ones we are missing out on. For that there should be an extensive list that briefly tells about 5 of the most popular vitamins that are there! In the ensuing words, we are just going to do that:


Vitamin B

It is further divided with sub-numbering, which have their own name. Biotin (B7) and Folic Acid (B9) are some of most well-known of the B vitamins. These are essentially for a whole lot of things. These act as coenzymes to the enzymes we already have (the ones that are produced by white blood cells. This means these help release energy from the break down of the food. These also build protein cells!

Vitamin B act as coenzymes to the enzymes we already have. – Getty Images.

Vitamin C

This one is important for building up the collagen in your body. Collagen is the substance which is able to knit the wounds you get in everyday life and also helps form the base of the bones and teeth’s enamel. Vitamin C is abundantly available on citric fruits like oranges and lemons. 


Vitamin A

This one is known to be part of your growth and development and that is it is very important in your growing years. But it does not just stop there as it is needed for the sustenance of the retina of your eye and for the maintenance of your immune system. This makes it one of the most important minerals for your body.

Vitamin A is for the sustenance of the retina of your eye and for the maintenance of your immune system. – Getty Images.

Vitamin D

It is often affectionately called the ‘sunny’ vitamin as its major source is the Sun. Vitamin D is important for the absorption of calcium, magnesium and phosphate. Vitamins are those minerals that the body cannot create on its own (others rely on diet and external exposure like the sun) but this is the only vitamin that can grow in the body as it is more like a prohormone than vitamin. It keeps your bones healthy as it helps with the absorption of calcium in your body. 


Vitamin E

This one comes from food like cauliflower (which are good for kidneys) and broccoli. It is good for reversing the effects of cigarette smoking and other addictions as it is an antioxidant. It also helps fight the adverse effects of sunlight and pollution. 


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