Social Distancing and Coronavirus Precautions: Why these two really matter now!


Pakistan was on the brink of all hell breaking loose as the numbers of the Wuhan Coronavirus (SARS-COVID-2 or simply COVID-19) were going up and inhabitants showed no sign of crowding up the public places. They took off for the weekend and treated it as a holiday of sorts. Lord behold, the cases sped up and now the tally of total cases now sits at the number 900. This is as heartbreaking as it is idoitic. Instead of arguing with you and coming at an offence with you, we are here to educate the general public about what essentially social distancing is and how it can help with the current lockdown and the active Coronavirus situation! In the ensuing words find out an answer to the previous statement!


What is Social Distancing?


Social Distancing is the act of deliberately distancing oneself, usually in a matter of fact feet distance. Other times it can be metaphorical where you avoid social gatherings. Many were already practicing it before the dawn of the Wuhan Coronavirus. They were doing it as an act of defiance or avoiding the overall society at hand. Enter Coronavirus, now this word is known by everybody almost all over the world because of its newfound relevancy brought on by the raging virus. 


What is it important, especially now?


The virus we talked about earlier is highly contagious and no one is immune to it. Once permeated by others who are infected, nothing can be done but to wait it out. While the mortality rate is essentially slow! But the infections spreading rate is much faster than you can possibly imagine! While most people will survive this virus, there are high chances individuals who are frail due to an underlying condition or ailment like an cardiovascular disease or diabetes or individuals who are of old age. 

Social Distancing
Most of the deaths reported and severe cases are related to those individuals that we have vehemently described above. – Getty Images

Most of the deaths reported and severe cases are related to those individuals that we have vehemently described above. Your parents, grandparents and any elder or frail person is in the biggest danger. You not practicing the social distancing will result in their hurt!


Precautions to take notice of!


Social Distancing might be key to our fight against the Coronavirus that is wreaking havoc, nowadays but you also have to be aware and practice the related precautions which stop the spread of this new virus! These are down below for your pleasure


  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds
  • Use sanitizers with more than 60% of alcohol
  • Avoid interacting with elders or frail individuals 
  • As mentioned, practice social distancing
  • Wear a mask when necessary


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Disclaimer: It is of utmost importance that you know all of this well-researched content is for general information. Therefore, you have to keep in mind this does not at all pertains to general treatment. Furthermore, for serious conditions please consult a doctor. For booking appointments with doctors or ordering medicines and lab tests. Please contact My Doctionary.