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Privacy Policy

This privacy statement was created for outlining the privacy practices of Henceforth, this privacy policy only applies to the information collected by this site. The following are the key areas to which this privacy policy adheres:

  • Identifiable information considered to be personal for the assessor of the website, which is collected through our website. Privacy also applies to how it is used and whom it is going to be shared with;
  • The security measures prepared in case of the misuse of your data;
  • The choices that are available regarding the use of your data, essentially for you;
  • How the corrections should be made in the inaccuracies of the information.

Information Use, Sharing and Collection                                               

We are essentially the sole owners of all the information collection made on this site. We have access to this information through the direct contact with you through our website. It is our duty and responsibility to not to sell or rent this information to anyone else.

This information will only be used for responding to you, so our services and its prospective benefits are available for you. Therefore, we will not share this information with any third party unless it is absolutely necessary, i.e. for making orders. Unless you specifically ask us not to, we may contact you through e-mail, anytime in the future. This will be done to tell you about the specials, changes to privacy policy and about new products and services.

Your Control and Access Over Information

You may have an option of opting out of any future contacts with us at any given time. You can essentially contact us about any of the following things via the email address and phone number given on the site:

  • Make a correction in the data we have about you
  • What data do we have about you
  • Want to delete some data that is with us
  • Have any concern you may have about the use of this data.


It is a major undertaking to be responsible for your data. Thus, we take certain precautions to protect your information. Your information is always protected both on the online and offline spaces.

When we do collect information that is sensitive in nature i.e. data about credit cards, the information is encrypted, so it can be transmitted to us safely. To further address this point we can clarify you how your data is already protected. At the front of the URL (uniform resource locator) you have to look for the term ‘https’. It is a secure transfer protocol, which keeps the transmission of your data secure.

We use this security measure to secure your data online. Like mentioned before, we also protect your information offline. Our employees who want this information to fulfill a task like responding to you. We know that its personally identifiable information but it is necessary to be used for important tasks for you and for us. All of our employees have to sign a separate confidential agreement so your data is not leaked. Additionally, all of your data and information is kept in secure servers and computers, which in turn are also kept in a secure environment.

Clarification on Cookies

We use ‘Cookies’ in this site and it is mentioned in the Terms and Conditions of our company My DOCtionary. Cookies are a piece of data that are used for improving your access to our site and to identify repeat visitors to our website through storing these on your hard disk. One example could be that these help us save you time by remembering your password and username. These cookies help us improve the site by tracking the interests of the user that are used to enhance the experience of surfing on our site. This information is essentially never used for or linked to personally identifiable information on our site.

We also share this collected information from cookies with our partners. Again, this is not linked to any of the personally identifiable information. We shall not be held liable for any damages or consequences caused by the use of cookies by these third parties.


This website may include links and can link to other websites. This is why we would like to inform you that we are not responsible for the content creation of other sites. Therefore, we encourage the users of our website to kindly please be aware when they are leaving our site and they should also read terms and conditions/privacy statements of these sites.

You agree that you have read all terms and conditions and privacy policies. Thus you agree to adhere to unconditionally comply with these respective agreements/statements.